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Find answers to common questions about Kinfields properties: prices, schools, amenities, transport, parks, safety, developments, sizes, and property types.

What builders can I use at Bourn Brook?

At Kinfields we only partner with the best home builders, to ensure innovative designs and quality craftmanship for your dream home. Click here to visit the Home Builders page. 

Are there any schools located within close proximity to Kinfields?

Yes, there are several schools and childcare facilities located within close proximity to Kinfields. Click here to visit the Learn page.

How accessible is Kinfields in terms of public transportation options?

Bus routes throughout Kinfields provide residents with convenient access to various destinations in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. Bus routes link to major centres around Hamilton including the CBD, Chartwell and The Base. Click here to visit the Bus It Hamilton website for more details.

Council has plans for a transport hub at Kinfields Village. 

Who is the developer?

Kirkdale Investments is the developer behind Kinfields. Click here to read more on the About us page.

How far away is Kinfields Village from Bourn Brook?

Interconnected streets and walkways ensure every home is close to all that Kinfields offers. Depending on which route you take, Kinfields Village is less than 5 minutes away in the car, 5 minutes by bike, or 10-15 minutes walking. Click here to learn more about Kinfields Village.